Friday, December 02, 2005

ETC: Sick of Being Sick

I have a crappy cold, and therefore my mucus-encased brain is incapable of coming up with clever and/or funny and/or insightful things to say today. But if you've been coming here regularly for a while, you know better than to expect those things, anyway.

If you can't get enough of my complaining, I continue in this vein over at the Bored Housewives Network. Plus there's a really big picture of a nasal bulb.


Em said...

Feel better soon!

I will swear by the potent and God-like properties of Cold F-X.

Anonymous said...

Very sorry to hear about your and Sam's continuing struggles with "the dreaded lurgy". I've also just read your piece over at the Bored Housewives Network, and must admit I've never heard of nasal bulbs. Without the picture I would have thought they were some kind of disease-related growth, like polyps or something. The truth about nasal bulbs is actually just as gross as what I imagined. [shudder]

Something that can help with colds/flu, aside from all the medications--and I admit this is pretty gross, too--is stuffing tissues up each nostril and leaving them there for a long while. This leads the sinus/nasal environment to warm up, past the temp where the viruses thrive, so they start to die off. Downside: mouth-breathing, not really suitable for going out for coffee, etc. Upside: even if the increase in temp inside your nose doesn't quite work, you catch all that dripping gunk. There's a lot to be said for this to really appreciate it.

I hope you guys feel better soon.


Anonymous said...

Oh, nerts. Editing blunder in final sentence of previous post. Omit "to really appreciate it".



Tammy said...

Thanks guys! We're all feeling a fair bit better. It's not a terrible cold, just really goopy. But I think most of the goop is behind us, though I'm going to note your tip for next time, Adrian.

And hee! You said "nerts"! For me, that exclamation is permanently associated with Frank Burns.