Thursday, January 05, 2006

BOOKS: Back to J-School for You, New York Times

Speaking of the sophistimicated art of book reviewing, I haven't read Wonkette's new novel, Dog Days, so I'm in no position to say if the book sucks or just this review of it.

But I can say one thing with certainty: book reviews are not supposed to give away the entire plot AND THE ENDING OF THE BOOK.

Sheesh. Shouldn't the New York Times know better?

Also, what's with this book's release date? January 5th? Has the publishing industry changed so much since I was in it that books are just released willy-nilly throughout the year now? Do I need to go back there?

Edited the next day to add: I just read this interview with Ana Marie Cox (the artist formerly known as Wonkette) by The New York Times's David Carr, who offers a refreshingly honest take on the novel's prospects without blowing the ending. It's nice to see The Times giving so much attention to a first-time novelist who's really only achieved internet fame (which is not as sweeping as we web folks would like to believe). Still, that first review is a stinker.


Anonymous said...

Dude, I know. I just read a review of a film - okay, it wasn't a GOOD film but still! The principle remains! - and they gave away the ending IN THE FIRST PARAGRAPH. It was one of those less-serious magazines - all about science fiction, I bought it for the Doctor Who poster ANYWAY - and they seem to take DELIGHT in being anti-journalistic in a BAD WAY.

They do have good grammar but STILL.

(I've nicked your idea and am keeping track of the books I read on my blog. Sorry!)

Anonymous said...

Beginning of January is usually a quiet news time in publishing, so it's a good time to publish smaller books or books that may not have gotten as much attention in a busier month.