Thursday, March 02, 2006

ETC: Momentarily Mediocre and Inclined to Get Worse

Does 5:30 am seem like too early to be waking up to you? Yeah, me too. Could you please tell young Master Sam? I don't think he got that issue of the newsletter.

So I'm feeling moderately shattered at the moment and inclined to point the finger of blame. But then I went and checked my biorhythms for today (o internets, is there nothing you can't do?) and this is what I was told:
You feel tired and drained. Avoid exerting yourself. Your general well-being is momentarily mediocre and inclined to get worse.
Now, the question that remains is: did my biorhythm reading say this because Sam woke me up so uncharacteristically early, or did Sam wake me up early because the fates (in biorhythm form) demanded that he do so? Or have I just BLOWN YOUR MIND?

In the absence of a substantial post, I'll just mention something I read on Carrie's site a while back that I meant to bring up here, which is that March is Small Press Month. Go, small presses, go!

Technically, Small Press Month seems to be an American thing, but hey, I figured that, since pretty much EVERY publisher in Canada is a small press, we can ride on the coattails of the yankees. So get on out there and hug a small press today.

Oh, and over at the Bored Housewives Network, today's "Ask a Bored Housewife" letter is about babies, car seats, and two-door vehicles. Sounds dull? Then you obviously do not have a car and a baby.


Em said...

Seems you're not alone in being royally screwed over by your biorhythms.
"Your general well-being is momentarily very good. Tendency: It's getting better. Physical: Your fitness and motivation are increasing. You're not a couch potato anymore. You are even-tempered and in an emotional balance. Mix with the crowds; it's easy to meet people today. Intellectual: The period of creativity is over. Your brain is in stand-by mode."
On the one day wen I have less than five hours left to knock together some semblance of a draft essay on I don't know what, intellect fails me, apparently.

landismom said...

Ugh, my son woke up at 5 a.m. today too. Not fun!

Claire said...

Doppelganger, you rock! Not only did you introduce me to Alice Munro (am halfway through 'Hateship, friendship, courtship, loveship, marriage' after your recommendation) and now you tell me about online biorhythms....

Lord bless the internets.