Thursday, April 13, 2006


No new post today. Bad nap schedule... bad weather... and an, er, interesting work-related meeting. All have colluded against me.

I'll be back -- large, in charge, and in post-erific form -- tomorrow. Believe it or not (and this may reassure those of you who have been kind enough to email me with your concern that my book tally for 2006 seems to be permanently stalled at #8, bless your hearts), I've read a passel of actual books that I want to talk about. As my online and offline pal Violet Chrome would say, "Whoop!"


landismom said...

Do people really email you about that? How bizarre. They must not ever have had small children.

Tammy said...

Heh. I actually appreciate the concern. It's kind of like your mom worrying about whether you're eating enough or getting enough sleep. How many people worry that you're not reading enough? I find it pretty sweet.

Anonymous said...

Hey there!

It's amazing how attentive peopel can be on these things, eh? :)

In some ways it's quite awesome.

I just want to say that it's also great that you pimped Armada in your last entry.


Violet Chrome said...

Heh. Mired, as I am, in this SADS phlegm pit, my "whoops" are comng out more like "whoods".

The fastering nasal passages are definitely in need of a spring cleaning.'re not going back to the bunker of sick, are you?