Monday, May 29, 2006

ETC: 21 Signs That You May Be Young (or at Least Appear to Be)

Sure, you may be old (or just feel like it), but you may be young, too. Tally your scores from both lists and compare!
  1. You frequently visit toy stores, and you don't have kids.
  2. You thrill to the sensation of opening a fresh box of crayons and cracking the spine of a new colouring book.
  3. You have a jar of buttons, not because you sew but because you like playing with them.
  4. You shriek when you wade into the ocean and the first cold wave splashes up your torso.
  5. You say hi to dogs and cats before you greet their owners.
  6. You watch to make sure that no one else's portion of dessert is bigger than yours.
  7. You would wear footie pajamas if they came in your size.
  8. And also Underoos.
  9. You like your sandwich cut into quarters.
  10. You collect cool rocks.
  11. You lie to your mom.
  12. You own a rubber duck.
  13. Even though you have your own place, you long for a cool tree fort.
  14. You wish for bunk beds.
  15. You start planning your Halloween costume in August.
  16. You look at an empty refrigerator box and see a world of architectural possibilities.
  17. You have sleepovers with your friends.
  18. Your hanging-out uniform is jeans, a hoodie, and sneakers.
  19. You're not embarrassed about the fact that you read kids' books.
  20. You hate brussels sprouts.
  21. You still have your favourite stuffed toy, who you sort of believe is sentient, AND THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT.
(Ups to Paul for reminding me that you're only as old as the websites you feel. Or something like that.)


Anonymous said...

You still make forts out of couch cushions ... but now you do it with your cat.

landismom said...

Uh oh...looks like it's official.

I'm old.

Sigh. Well, at least I'll always have my wool socks and comfy chair.

Anonymous said...

About five years ago, I went through a phase of really, REALLY wanting to buy a classic Airstream trailer, trick it out, and park it in the unused half of our double driveway.

Dave: "What would you do with it?"
Tara: "I'd use it as my office."
Dave: "You HAVE an office."
Tara: "Yeah, but I could lock my trailer and not give you a key."

Sometimes it bugs me that he can just wander in whenever he wants, when I might be buying something secret online or watching porn or something. I need my privacy! God!

Rachel said...

I'm still young! I drive a VW bug and I'm about to become a mom! However, rather than trade in my "fun" car for something more [gasp] sensible, I found that an infant car seat fits nicely into the otherwise unusable back seat of the bug.

AND I have had a Teletubby hanging from my rearview mirror since I got the car 5 years ago.

I also think chocolate pudding and half a box of Oreos is a perfectly reasonable dinner.

Maya said...

I love Mac n' Cheese - THE quintessential kid food if ever there was one. I won't say how many I got on the "Old" list (and I do love a good list) but Mac n' Cheese is forever.

Addition to the list:

You have a really, really good time making forts/swimming at the beach with your friends' kids. So much so that you may actually complain mildly that you "don't WAaaannnNNa go hooome!".

Em said...

...they DO come alive when you leave the room!

-You buy Ring Pops on the sly.
-You buy RingPops openly.
-You cry when a plant under your care dies because you're convinced it has feelings of some sort and knew it was unloved and neglected.
-You *still* wonder if you're old enough to watch Jerry Springer guilt-free yet.
-You want those lunchboxes that have really cool pictures on them.
-There's a lot of broken crockery around and you're not sure why.
-You hold conversations with cats, dogs, fish, birds, pets of any kind, walls and people who aren't really there and imagine what they'd say in reply.
-A lingering "cootie" mentality.
-Ketchup is always an option, no matter what you're eating.
-Putting on sunscreen is still such a drag that you wonder how little you can get away with before the melanoma comes a-callin'.
-You wonder if they still manufacture Skip-Its and figure it could be a viable way of keeping in shape.
-Pop Rocks. If you see them, you buy them.
-These questions/statements still come up on a regular basis:
"What colour is my tongue now?"
"Pull my finger."
"Does it come with a toy?"
"What do you mean you're out of the curly fries?"

Em said...
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Em said...

-You still play punch-buggy-no-punches-back on longer car trips.
-Picking your nose does not, in fact, make your head cave in, and the parents are dirty rotten liars so I'll be over here mining for boogeys if you please because blowing one's nose does NOTHING to help.

Tammy said...

Heheh. Em wins!

Antipodean, have you tried skating in your socks after spraying the floor with furniture polish? Slip-ilicious!

Tara, we almost bought an Airstream a couple of years ago, but it was one of the super-huge ones and we didn't have anyplace to keep it. But oh, the plans we made...

Anonymous said...

I don't like Brussels sprouts either and I am 57. :)