Thursday, May 11, 2006

ETC: The Nerve!

No new post today. I'm a little swamped in the work-I-get-paid-to-do department. I know. I'm as outraged as you are. The nerve!

I've been working all week at a Very Special Mother's Day post I'll be putting up tomorrow. Come back then!


landismom said...

Hey! No fair! I'm working on a very special Mother's Day post too!

And yours is bound to be funnier than mine (hangs head in shame)...

Tammy said...

landismom, I just read your Mother's Day post. It's great! And if we're scoring points for social relevance and insight, here's how we measure up:

landismom: 10
Doppelganger: 1 (maybe 2, if you're feeling generous)

Hm... maybe I'd do a couple points better if I stopped writing about made-up people.