Monday, May 22, 2006

WEB: Looks Like Superman Has a Case of the Mondays

Apparently, more than a hundred years ago, Queen Victoria wanted her loyal subjects to have a long weekend on the third weekend of May so that they could drink a lot of beer and sleep in and maybe get a head start on their gardening. Who are we to argue with her? She was the Queen, fercryinoutloud.

If you're not a proud member of the Commonwealth and you've got a case of the Mondays, please do check out today's instalment over at VidiotBox. It's a clip from one of my favourite smart stupid movies, Office Space... as re-enacted by the Superfriends.


Anonymous said...

Queen Vickie was a humdinger wasn't she??

Em said...

Jesus. It's Victoria Day.
No wonder my grandmother just called to ask me why I didn't come to the parade this year, as I have every year since I was born.
Mind you, it is pissing down rain.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am a long time reader of your blog, and I just realised I had never left a comment to say hello, so here it is! I love reading your blog, you are so well read, witty and yeah I just love your writing style! I can't believe how lame this comment is sounding. I guess I am a bit shy writing to someone who I admire so much (okay it's just getting cheesy now!).

So yeah hi! Danae, 22, from good ol' Australia, and huge book lover!

Keep up the awesome blog, and look forward to you publishing your own book one day (well I see all these blogs being turned into books, so I feel it's only a matter of time!)