Sunday, November 05, 2006

ETC: Memories and Martinis

Hey, hey, weekenders. If you're interested, the "Best of DNTO" podcast is up here. The theme is "memories and memoirs" and, among other things, it features an interview with Bill Bryson, a segment analyzing the new film Borat, and -- what's this! -- an interview with me! Go figger.

ADDENDUM: I just realized that I've been remiss in posting Halloween pics of Sam. Bad blogger! Bad mom! It's okay, though. I've been needing to get a few more points toward earning my "Bad Parent" badge. That badge isn't going to earn itself.

At any rate, may I introduce you to our new houseboy?

He doesn't really speak the language, but he seems eager to please. He's still on probation, but if we can teach him to make a decent martini, we may just keep him.

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Anonymous said...

Loved your DNTO Memoir interview. Cute kiddo, too.