Monday, November 13, 2006

ETC: Pluggy McPlug*

Someone smack me in the head, please? I'm embarrassingly remiss in plugging the latest issue of Armada, published by none other than the great Dave McLean and his editorial posse, and available for my favourite price: Free. Reading doesn't get much better than this, unless they start paying you.

I haven't made my way through the entire issue yet, but let me tell you, the first short story, "Clearing Out" by Camille Osborne, is one of those tales you read and then find yourself still staring at the last page five minutes after you finish.

(Psst. Armada is now looking for submissions for its winter issue. Pass it on.)

*I'm bringing back the Something McSomething meme. I think it's time. Also, I couldn't think of a better title.


Anonymous said...

Man, I forgot how awesome blog spam was until I saw this.


Anonymous said...

At this point, I should start paying you for all this press. Thank you so much! “Clearing Out” made a great lead-off story. It was stark and relentless and real and utterly depressingly.

P.S. We’re still waiting to relaunch as Dave’s Armada Featuring Doppelganger! We would absolutely love to receive something from you. For now, though, we’ll just keep watching out inbox in antici—


(That was a little Rocky Horror humour there, which really has nothing to do with anything else. I’ve either had too much coffee or not enough this morning.)

Anonymous said...

glad you liked my story :)