Friday, April 13, 2007

ETC: Needless to Say, Poop Everywhere

It's been an emotional Tilt-a-Whirl of a week. So now I offer you a rather amusing story about our man Sam, for you to read and enjoy at your leisure:

Before Sam's afternoon nap, I had to change his diaper, because he'd had a huge poop. So I did this, then left him in his room while I went to the washroom to wash my hands. I put the diaper on the banister in the hallway (en route to its final destination in our outdoor garbage bin), so as not to stink up his room, because I'm a thoughtful parent that way.

I come out of the bathroom, and the diaper is gone. I look downstairs to see if it's fallen off the banister, but it's not there. I go into Sam's room, only to see him helpfully trying to stuff the poopy diaper into the Diaper Champ.

Needless to say, poop everywhere.

Much hand-washing was involved.

And then he pooped again.

The end.

This story kind of puts mine into perspective, though. At least Sam didn't pee on the dog.)


vanishingword said...

How thoughtful and considerate of your child. I recently took a bath with Will, and he decided it was a good time to poop. I hadn't planned on another two separate showers but it did ensure that I was nice and clean for once. Good story, I had a great laugh over my morning tea!

Tammy said...

Yikes! Sam's a veteran bathtub pooper, too, but he's never done it while we were sharing a bath. Oy.

landismom said...

Sigh...sometimes, we just get those days...

Anonymous said...

Ha, poop is funny. I work at a YMCA and we had a poop incident in the child watch area the other day. They had to build a barrier of chairs around the poop scene so the kids wouldn't play in it. Hilarious!