Tuesday, May 15, 2007

BOOKS: Faux Real

Artist Deborah Bowness has created "Genuine Fake Bookshelf" wallpaper, based on a photograph of an actual bookcase. Can you spot the difference?

On one hand, you'll always know that the shelves on the left will never get more cluttered. On the other hand, looking at the way some of those books are leaning all a-slant -- and not being able to fix them -- would definitely get to me after a while.

[Thanks to Rebecca for the link, via BoingBoing, via OhGizmo. (My oh my, how meta can this internet get?)]


Nilliem said...

Ok...now that I've cleared my name with Blogger...I'd get the wallpaper to bug my husband, on soooo many levels: he would go nuts because he detests wallpaper and the crooked books would get him on at a subconscious level, too!

Ok, that's mean, but oh so fun to contemplate!

M said...

Love it, gotta get it. Can see it in the guest room (as a teaser). I'll put an order in for a magazine one for the powder room...