Thursday, June 07, 2007

BOOKS: Maybe a Thneed IS Something That All People Need

"Congratulate me."
"Why's that?"
"I just got all the way through The Lorax without crying... for the first time ever."
"Yeah. The Lorax gets to me, too."
"I'm a little worried about Sam, though."
"Well, is it a bad sign that his favourite part seems to be when the Thneed factory goes into heavy production?"


Doppelsis said...

I was at a book sale yesterday and Guess what I found??? Barbapapa books. Clickety-click.

BabelBabe said...

it's just all the industrial heavy machinery - don't let it worry you. Sam DOES care about global
warming : )

Anonymous said...

Totally random connection here. We chose a Dr. Seuss theme for our product at work (all project names would source from Seussian origins).

We chose 'Thneed' as the first project name.

2 months later, word comes down from HQ that all projects must be simple English words because some of the project names are too hard for the foreign subsidiaries to pronouce (Imagine the Quebecois saying 'Thneed'. It's 't-need' at best).

Several other project names we choose are rejected and we finally exclaim in frustration "why don't you just give us an approved list of project names we can choose from??"

I kid you not, the answer we got back was "we don't want to stifle your creativity."

I truly appreciate the synchronicity of your post...

Doppelganger said...

Ha! Do you work at the CBC, too?