Friday, September 28, 2007

"That very night in Max's room a forest grew..."

I looooove Craftster. Love it. LOVE IT. The folks there are so... crafty. And inspiring. They almost make me believe I could follow in their nimble-fingered footsteps. Er, if fingers could be said to have footsteps.

I can tell you this: if I were to take on a new project, I'd be tempted to duplicate this amazing mural by a Craftster member called Redforkhippie:

It looks impossibly daunting, but she breaks it down for us here with step-by-step instructions (and more photos, including pictures of the two young friends who helped her with the project).

Or maybe I could just find out if she makes house calls.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't be more awesome if it attempted for the World Record of Awesomeness, should one be established some time soon.

Anonymous said...

I know you're somewhat local (I'm in Victoria) and this totally made me smile! Have you been to the Royal BC Museum in Victoria? (assuming you have, in fact, visited Victoria) There's an area in the natural history in the 'forest' where there's a domed ceiling. Under this ceiling if you whisper on one side, it's amplified around the entire space - I think you kind of have to be there to understand what I mean!
Anyway when I was younger, my classes used to go on field trips there all the time and for the kindergarten/grade one classes the docents read Where the Wild Things Are under that dome. The lights are always a bit dim in there and it was so spooky!