Thursday, June 29, 2006

BOOKS: When Will I Get My Book Robot? WHEN?

I was really excited when I first saw this gadget. But then I realized that it's not, in fact, a robotic device that not only holds your book but also turns the pages for you. It just holds your book open for you. Damn.

On the flip side (ha! flip... geddit?), this clever little notebook and pencil combo just about made my list-lovin' day. First, of course, it satisfies my nerd passion for listmaking, but then it goes one further by using GRAPH PAPER. Oh my stars. I think I've stumbled into some kind of anal retentive fantasy. The clever little pencil insert is almost overkill. Almost.

Of course, paper can't go everywhere, and you never know when you'll suddenly be seized by the compulsion to make a list of, oh, say, your favourite 1980s rock anthems featuring women on lead vocals.* Or a grocery list. I understand that some people like to write those, too. That's where this handy-dandy shower tablet comes in handy.

And since I'm having one of those kinds of days, I'm cranking the Random-O-Meter up to full just to show you this Stagger shelf by Brave Space.

Soooo pretty. Mama likes.

*Pat Benetar, "Love Is a Battlefield"
Joan Jett, "I Love Rock 'n' Roll"
Annie Lennox, "Sweet Dreams"
Bonnie Tyler, "Total Eclipse of the Heart"
Heart, "What About Love"

Feel free to suggest more. My list would've been longer, but I didn't have a damned NOTEBOOK IN THE SHOWER.


Carol Blymire said...

Pat Benatar -- "Heartbreaker" (the best karaoke song, evuh)

Heart -- "Magic Man"

... I could go on for weeks.

Love that list notebook with hidden pen thingie. I'm buying it today.....

Anonymous said...

Ooooooohhhhhhh ... graph paper.


Anonymous said...

Blondie - One Way or Another

Anonymous said...

Tina Turner -- "We Don't Need Another Hero"
And yes, Heart, everything! God, I loved their RenFair/Gypsy getups.

Em said...

Eurythmics. "Here Comes the Rain Again" or "Sweet Dreams." Annie Lennox needs some love.

Anonymous said...

Danielle Dax: Big Hollow Man
Like the bookshelf, but yikes on the price!
No website, so I can only post as anonymous...

Tammy said...

Ooh, good ones! A couple more I just thought of:

Kim Carnes, "Bette Davis Eyes"
Carol Pope, "High School Confidential"

More, more, more!

Em said...

Cocteau Twins - Carolyn's Fingers
Roxette - It Must Have Been Love
Debbie Gibson - Lost in Your Eyes
Tina Turner - Simply the Best, Private Dancer, oodles more...
Katrina and the Waves - Walking on Sunshine

...Madonna? Melissa Ethridge? Cyndi Lauper? I wasn't exactly the target audience during the height of their powers, but their names spring to mind.

Anonymous said...

Laura Branigan - Gloria
The Pretenders - Back on the Chain Gang (not sure this counts as an 'anthem', but I love it)
Donna Summer - She Works Hard for the Money (possibly interpreting 'rock' a little broadly)
Pat Benatar - We Belong
Janet Jackson - Black Cat (no need to get up, I'll show myself out now)

landismom said...

Oh Laura Branigan. Must. Resist. iTunes. Urges.

yeah, and I liked that notepad too.

Doppelsis said...

Can "Love Shack" by the B-52's qualify as a chick song?

Worst song should go to "Touch Me" by Samantha Fox.

crabbykate said...

I dream of graph paper. Really, I do. The tiny tiny boxes and lines give me shivers of list love.

(new to your blog, by the way, and loving it! Came here by way of My Tragic Right Hip)

Melissa said...

These are really more new wave than rock, but:

Kim Wilde - "Kids in America"
Missing Persons - "Walking in L.A."
Go-Gos - "We Got the Beat"

Anonymous said...

Blondie - that song about the men from mars who eat guitars.

Anonymous said...

"Kiss Me Deadly" by Lita Ford!

But I am definitely in the "Anything Heart or Pat Benatar" camp.

I need that shower thing now.