Monday, July 10, 2006

ETC: Overheard in Vancouver

Soccer Slut #1: I can't believe I came out to celebrate the World Cup final and I forgot to wear a slutty top.
Soccer Slut #2: No problem. Just unzip your hoodie so that your bra is fully exposed for everyone to see, then use body paint to draw an Italian flag on your cleavage.
SS #1: You are a genius.
SS #2: Thank you.
Okay, I didn't actually hear that, but something has to explain the sartorial issues I witnessed yesterday.

And for the record, I'm using the word "slut" in the non-pejorative sense. I love sluts. Sluts rock. Sometimes they make poor fashion choices, is all.


Doppelsis said...

Ahh, the sluts. Come on every chick has dressed as a slut a time or two or more in their life. It's fun! Some do it under the guise of Halloween - including Doppelganger as Madonna in 1980 something. I have polaroids to prove it.

Violet Chrome said...

Don't forget the slutty soccer brothers!

Soccer Slut #1: Dude. I can't believe I wore a jersey to the World Cup final.

Soccer Slut #2: No problem. Just wrap it around your head so that your six pack is fully exposed for everyone to see, then use body paint to draw an Italian flag between your man cleavage.
SS #1: Right on.
SS #2: Totally.

Tammy said...

Ewww! The problem is that I feel a kind of sisterly affection for the soccer sluts, while I feel revulsion and antipathy toward the soccer brothers.

Speaking of sisterly affection, DoppelSis is right. But man, if you can't dress as a slut at Halloween, then the holiday has lost all its meaning. And my circa-1985 Madonna (the "Like a Virgin" years) costume rocked. For the past year or so, I've seen teenaged girls TRYING to look as cool as I did.

Anonymous said...

Were the sluts, by any chance, wearing these shoes:

Because it really, REALLY seems like they should have been.

Anonymous said...

is that you coop? when will you teach us about this... new way?

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