Monday, September 03, 2007

Designer Stool

New Year's Eve is kind of a big deal for most of the population. A time for renewal, resolutions, starting over, blabbidy blah blah. Like I said: for MOST of the population.

Nerds like us know that the REAL time for new beginnings is autumn, specifically Labour Day. Because deep down, we're still back-to-school junkies who get a weird hard-on at the prospect of sharpening our pencils, putting fresh-smelling ruled paper in all our three-ring binders, and getting a spanking new geometry kit, despite the fact that we're not really sure about what half the gizmos in it actually do. And somehow we associate the smell of pencil shavings and new paper with rebirth. Because we're freaks.

I'm not sure why, but I thought of all that when I saw this contraption:

That's right. From Paris, by way of New York, it's a pair of black cotton-and-nylon straps that turns a common stack of magazines and/or books into a useful stool. It's called the Book Stool, and it, too, can be yours for the low, low price of $39 USD (magazines not included).

Or, if you don't mind losing out on the cachet of owning the Parisian original, you could get a couple of virtually identical straps from your local camping or army surplus store and make your own stool for under five bucks. It all depends on how you feel about cachet. (Me, I just like to say it, lingering lovingly over the second syllable. Try it yourself: Cash-ayyyyyy. Fun, right?)


Steph said...

Oh, yes, I love the fresh start of September! Now that I have kids, there is the great excuse of buying supplies for them. "Really? Your teacher said all you need is a pencil case? Are you sure?"

That is a silly, silly stool.

Anonymous said...

Stool boom! From the parlor to the -- pool room!

Jeane said...

I can't imagine that a stool made of stacked magazines or newspapers would ever be stable, no matter how tight you yank the cords. Won't it always shift around a bit? And it's got to be too heavy to move easily; there's a stool with a stationary location! How useless to me. Stools are meant to be mobile.

Anonymous said...

the combo of the weird hard-on and the sharpening pencils... too much phallus!

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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Never That Easy said...

September always did seem more like the beginning of the year to me than January. What the heck happens in January? Nope, it's all about September: the air changes, the light changes, people's hours change, tv shows come back on... And now I'm probably going to have to write about this because somewhere in the back of my teacher's brain there is a good quote to use, but I can't remember who said it.

Anyways... Great post. Stupid stool.

Carrie said...

Yes, September always fills me with the excitement/dread of a new year. it is also my birthday month, so in the mix with the hard ons and pencils, I become a bigger number. That never bothered me until this year. Sigh.

The term I use for the sensation I get from good stationary, a perfectly proportioned notebook or a freshly sharpened pencil is "a feeling," as in: The creaminess of those monogrammed note cards gives me a feeling.

Here's to feelings!

Jess said...

Well, September used to be the new year, so it seems only fitting. I feel much the same way about it.

The stool, no thanks.

Hilda said...

Hi, my name is Hilda and I'm a school/office supply-aholic.

I too loved the beginning of the school year because of the school supplies! And because I went to private school we had to buy our books, so every year we'd have new books. A multi-sensory pleasurefest ensued: smelling that new book smell, hearing the crack when I opened the book, and of course looking at the pretty, pretty crisp, clean white pages!

BabelBabe said...

ok, clearly i spend waaaayyyy too much time with babies and toddlers, as I read it 'designer stool' - as in 'designer poop'


those straps look like the kind my dad used to buy for us to wrap around our school books. They never ever worked right though and he always had to give in and buy us bookbags.