Wednesday, May 08, 2013

11 Children's Classics Re-imagined as Serious Adult Fiction

There's a whole (justifiable) kerflap happening out there about book covers and gender and blabbidy-blah. But I'm not going to wade into that, because I have better things to do. Like guessing what the covers of some of my favourite kids' books would like if they were re-imagined as Serious Adult Fiction. Enjoy!

I should add that I'm just a knob with rudimentary Photoshop skills and a bit of extra time on her hands. If you liked these, the real credit goes to a few of the extremely talented artists and photographers whose work I borrowed for this little exercise in creative time-wastery:

Madeline - Natasha Katharina
The Fantastic Mr. Fox - Kelly Rae Burns
Goodnight Moon - carpenocturne, via deviantart
Lost and Found and Peter Rabbit - Helga Aichinger
The Snowy Day - Kevin J. Miyazaki


JenRen said...

*Love* this! My favourite is "What Do People Do All Day". I always thought that book made adult life look way too interesting!

kay said...

Very funny! You pick up on some of the cliches that abound on modern paperbacks - Charlotte's Web particularly struck me. This is a fun blog in general, I was glad to have found it while doing the random "next blog" thingy.

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