Wednesday, August 17, 2005

BOOKS: Little. Orange. Different.

If your shelves are anything like mine, they house a quadrillion of those Penguin paperbacks with the orange spine.* I love them (see my earlier post about the difficulty in finding good one-handed reading material), but they get kind of beat up alongside the hardcovers and bigger, meaner paperbacks.

Finally (sort of), these humble little books have a home of their own:

The Penguin Donkey bookcase was designed in 1939 specifically to hold Penguin books -- up to 80 of them, to be precise -- and has been resurrected by design house twentytwentyone. If you're a vintage nut like me, you're already trying to rationalize the £451.00 price tag. Ouch!

[Thanks to design*sponge for the link.]

*Speaking of Penguin, BoingBoing recently posted that Amazon is selling the complete
Penguin Classics Library (1,082 titles in total) for just under eight grand. That's some serious dimp. But now the link from BoingBoing to the specific info on Amazon doesn't work. Does anyone know anything about this? Not that I have that kind of coin, but I like to keep my facts straight.

ETA: Here is the correct Amazon link. Thanks, Ms Molly!


Mike said...

I jokingly added the Entire Penguin Library to my wishlist. After reading your post, I went to check on the status of it, and Amazon is now listing it as "no longer available."

Maybe they only had the one to sell?

Anonymous said...

I just had a braingasm.

MsMolly said...

Here it is. It comes up if you search for Penguin Classics and then order the results from most to least expensive.

Man, if only I had been more thorough in my scrounging of free books when I worked there!

Tammy said...

"Braingasm." Heh.

Wing, I still have a boner, and it's been hours since I posted that pic. This may be a medical emergency.

Thanks for the link, Ms Molly. It's nice to see that they throw in free shipping.

Tammy said...

Hey, I just realized there are two more variations in the Penguin Donkey shelves. They're here and here.