Monday, August 22, 2005

ETC: Send the Kids to the Neighbours. I'm Coming Home Loaded!

Not really. Well, maybe a little bit. But really, no, not really.

Actually, I'm taking the week off (inasmuch as someone who doesn't have an outside job can do so) to do some serious spring cleaning (yes, I'm aware that it is August) and maybe go camping and definitely get started on the fantastic list of funny novels you guys recommended.

In the meantime, here are some book-ish sites I've been enjoying. Maybe you'll like them, too.

East of the Sun
The Erebus + Terror
Exxie's Book Lounge
Outside of a Dog
Pie Not Included

If those don't keep you busy, you could always start hacking away at this. Let me know how you do with that.

I'll be back next Monday. Try not to miss me too much. Heh.


Veronica said...

Hey...thanks for the props, man.

I always have a need to count the number of books I've read on lists like that. I've got thirty down on this one (two of which I've only read half so I counted them together as one). One-third of Britan's favorite books? That's not so bad, is it? (Must. Read. Faster!)

Anonymous said...

I counted and I read 40 of the books on the Britain's list. Go figure! Plus about five that I started reading but couldn't finish.

Anonymous said...

I noticed that British people are big fans of Terry Prattchett :)