Monday, August 08, 2005

WEB: What's in Jonathan Lethem's Glove Compartment?

Given how many hours I spend online every day, you'd think I regularly visit Metafilter. I don't. But I couldn't get there fast enough when Rusty Iron, knowing my fondness for all things tentacled, told me about this video of a giant octopus taking on a three-foot shark.

As enjoyable as the video was, I was even more delighted by Metafilter's link to Jonathan Lethem's site, specifically the glove compartment, which contains all sorts of Lethem's unpublished treasures. (My favourite? So far it's a toss-up between Top 5 Depressed Superheroes and The Loneliest Book I've Read, which brilliantly and simply summed up some inchoate thoughts about reading that I've never put into words.)

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Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed the second one, but the first was a little too flippant and familiar - most of those Superheroes he has talked about before in his fiction.

That said, he will be writing a comic book for the last hero on that list, Omega the Unknown, and I'm interested in how it turns out. I wonder if he is going to write it 'Straight' or if it will be intended for more of non-comic reading audience.