Tuesday, January 10, 2006

BOOKS: The Kennedys and Me

Scholastic Press has just announced the May release of a children's book called My Senator and Me, co-written by Senator Ted Kennedy and his Portuguese water dog, Splash.

The book offers a dog's eye view of the democratic process:
According to Scholastic, Kennedy's book "not only takes readers through a full day in the Senator's life, but also explains how a bill becomes a law."
So let's tally the checklist here:
  • The Kennedys like books. I like books.
  • The Kennedys are liberal minded. I'm liberal minded.
  • The Kennedys have a Portuguese water dog. I have a Portuguese water dog.
I always knew we had something in common. Well, other than our patrician good looks.


Anonymous said...


I have to admit, that's one of the last people I expected to write a book for children.

Tammy said...

Well, I can't speak for Splash, but Dobbs has let me read some chapters from his novel and they're quite good.