Tuesday, January 17, 2006

ETC: Blogjam

Young Master Sam is 39 weeks old today, which means he has officially spent more time outside my body than inside it. And speaking of rocky, painful passages from inside to outside, perhaps it is fitting that Sam, for the first time in his young life, has just experienced something I'd delicately and euphemistically refer to as "a logjam up the river".

I'm not going to blog about it here because this is a site devoted to higher thinking, proper elocution, and company manners. No, if you want to read the entry in which the word "poop" appears in greater density than anything I've ever written, you're going to have to mosey over to my latest entry -- subtly entitled "Nggggghhh! NGGGGHHHAAA!!!" -- at the Bored Housewives Network.

Also, a Best of Blogs update: I was ahead in the popular vote, but now I'm in third behind two extremely strong contenders. Do with this information what you will.


landismom said...

It's not letting me vote more than once overall.

I'm sure it's a conspiracy.

Anonymous said...

Annnnnd - you are winning.

Yes. 22% of the vote and WINNING, even if it is only by 1%. Yay!

landismom, is it maybe a time zone issue? I've managed to vote quite a few times now...

Anita said...

Many of us are unable to vote more than once. Period. It's a technical glitch of some sort . . .it seems to me that the whole voting thing is going about as well as the presidential election went in Florida, but in the long run the real prize is all the new readers who will discover your blog.

So, hypothetically, you'd have 21 some odd votes from me if I were actually allowed to cast them.

Violet Chrome said...

Ah hah. Want to vote more than once? Clear your cache and cookies.

It didn't work for me at first - said I had already voted - but after I cleared my cache and cookies, I could vote again. Whoop.

To clear your cache and cookies, look under your Browser's preferences...

Mike said...

The best thing I did all day -- besides eating some delicious soup and read 10 more pages of The Forsyte Sage which hi: if you haven't? You need to -- was vote for this blog.

And I'll do it again tomorrow.

HOORAY! Hooray for the voting process!

Tammy said...

Yay! Thanks for the votes, all, and for the technical whiz-kiddery, Violet. You guys rawk.

May the best person win. But if they can't, let me!