Thursday, January 26, 2006

ETC: Doppelganger is the New Paris

I put the "Er" in "Erratum": It seems I got the date wrong and won't be on TV tonight. The episode airs next week. My apologies to everyone who was planning to watch... all two of you. And now back to your regularly scheduled internet.


So, hey, I'm going to be on the tube tonight next Thursday, February 2nd. All you lucky recipients of the CBC Television broadcast signal can catch a five-minute segment featuring me! me! me! on a show called
Zed Tunes sometime between 11:30 pm and midnight.

The segment is called "Now Hear This" and the premise is that they take my entire (highly questionable) music collection away, submit it to analysis by a music expert, then hook me up with some new tunes courtesy of an awesome local music store. Kind of like Pimp My Ride, but with music instead of cars. And no Xzibit, alas. (He doesn't know it yet, but we were meant to be together.)

This segment won't just make you laugh and cry and say, "It's better than Cats!" It's also educational, especially if your CD library currently contains a lot of Duran Duran, Peaches, Peggy Lee, Marvin Gaye, and early Sasha, and you've been thinking it's time to maybe branch out in some new directions.

The segment also features young Master Sam extensively, because babies need good beats, too.

But wait! There's more!

While I'm advertising my media whoredom, I meant to post this link a month ago. As a wise man once said: Doh!

It's an article
Jessa Crispin (of Bookslut fame) wrote for The Book Standard about the 50 Books Challenge. She interviewed me, an actor named Steve Waltien, and Neal Pollack, and she mentions Largehearted Boy. Jessa also makes a case for why bookstores should get behind the Challenge.

Time for a pop quiz!

Q: How much would I love to be sponsored by a bookstore?
A: A lot.
Okay, I guess two media appearances in a month doesn't make me a media whore. Yet. Just wait till my secret sex tapes come out.


White Trasherati said...

DG, you'll always be a media whore to me. Wait, that didn't come out right. I mean, you're a GREAT media whore. Wait, that isn't right either. Okay...I wait with great and respectful anticipation of your long-deserved and completely merited attention from the rest of the planet via electronic broadcasting.
Yeah...that's what I meant.

Rebecca said...

Congrats on your first step to fame and fortune!

(And when the sex tapes come out, I'll pretend not to know what they're talking about :)

Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad, I did the same thing to friends and Lam(b) readers this week. Write Stuff wasn't aired the same day it was taped like I told people. But I didn't fess up to the mistake. Which makes me extra bad I suppose!

I'm getting a copy of the show next month, so I can have a private screening for my two friends that want to watch. I'm hoping someone will be able to help me link to it online somehow. We'll see, I consider myself really genious when I get one of those little rectangles up in my sidebar.

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