Friday, April 28, 2006

ETC: Fun with Nipples

I've been feeling kind of guilty about my dearth of posting at the Bored Housewives Network lately, so I've finally written something substantial over there. Or if not substantial, at least long.
When I posted this picture a couple of days ago, Libby wondered in the comments section if I have any weaning plans. Of course, gracious soul that she is, she prefaced her question with the hope that it wasn't too personal for the internet. And maybe it would be a personal question for some people. But since I've written in the past about my firsthand experiences with post-partum incontinence and baby constipation, it's obviously not too personal a question for me. Also, Sam long ago made my boobs part of the public record without asking my permission, so why stop now?
Go here to read the rest.

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