Wednesday, April 12, 2006

WEB: Shout-Out Wednesday

Looking around this sector of the blogosphere, I've realized there's a whole lotta stuff going on. Spring is in the air. Or something. So let's get busy.

Dave over at Touch You Last is launching an online literary journal called Armada! [exclamation point mine for reasons I'll explain in a minute] and he's just posted a call for submissions. If you're of a literary bent (and I'd be shocked if you weren't), check it out here.

If you're a Kids in the Hall fan, you may remember a recurring sketch about a garage band that starts out with the name Armada! and then as the teenaged egos make themselves apparent the band name evolves into "Rod Torfleson's Armada! featuring Herman Menderchuck." I've already told Dave this, so it will come as no surprise to him when I say that I can't think of his literary journal without mentally renaming it "Dave's Armada! featuring Doppelganger."

Anyway, even if you don't have a hankering to see your fine words in print, you should still visit Dave's site. He's funny.

Try Harder
Carrie over at Try Harder is running an informal survey in response to a casual study done by The Guardian which revealed (in Carrie's words) that "men are only touched by boring, crappy books written by other men. Women, on the other hand, like a wider variety of mostly boring books, pooped out by both genders." She invites the gentlemen citizens of Tryharderland (a nation always open to immigration) to chime in here.

Whether you're male or female, you should also visit Carrie's fine site and read her back-dated entries. Or she'll get you.

Just a Little Guy: Pancakes or Waffles
It's this week's Pancakes or Waffles face-off over at Just a Little Guy. Baby raccoon versus sloth in a box. You decide. So far, I think the sloth has a slight edge, but I'm still trying to make up my mind. Decisions, decisions.

Cap'n Ganch's First Sentence Contest
I may be in the doghouse with
Cap'n Ganch because I totally managed to miss his shout-out to me till just now, but maybe I can make it up to him by plugging his contest. (Hopefully, the contest is still running. I'm really bad at noticing deadlines.) The Cap'n is planning to write himself a short story, and he's counting on us, citizens of the interweb, to deliver him the perfect original first line. So git over there and do it. I'd try myself, but I choke under pressure.

White Trasherati Wants to Know
And my fellow Bored Housewife White Trasherati wants to know what kind of tattoo you'd get and where you'd get it if you absolutely HAD to get a tattoo. Trasherati is a college instructor and this is an ice-breaking question she gets her new students to answer on the first day of class. This confirms the fact that Trasherati is cooler than every professor I ever had.

Tees and Love
As for my own little corner of the world, I haven't forgotten about the 50 Books t-shirt scheme. Thanks to everyone who emailed me to express interest. There were more of you than I expected, which is fantastic, so I think I'm going to proceed. I have to figure out logistics such as shipping costs, so it'll have to wait till after I've gotten trivial things like my taxes out of the way, but I'm hoping to get your tees in your hands and on your backs just in time for summer. Woo!

And I HAD totally forgotten about the Worst Date Ever contest, but I just remembered. (Also on my list of things to remember: buy ginkgo biloba supplements.) Since Jesus has been kind enough to give us the upcoming extra-long long weekend, I figure I'll use the time to harangue my poor housemate The Don into adjudicating. (The Don, if you're just reading this now, hi!) So I'll be announcing the lucky winner next week. Double-woo!

See? I told you things are busy. The internet moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around every once in a while, you could miss it.


Anonymous said...

I actually closed the posting on my site the day I moved into the new house so that I would have time to work on it until I got that Internet thing.

Well, it's looking harder and harder for me to get Internet (dial-up? Riiiiight.) and high-speed isn't too common yet here in my little village, so I was considering opening it up again for a while until the prospect of access looked ---

Whatever. You don't really care about that. Sure ... I'll open it up. But there are some dandies already posted, so those'll have to be beat.

White Trasherati said...

Thanks for the shoutout, oh fairy godmother of the internet...
And, yes, thank you Jesus, for the chocolate bunnies. And the colorful eggs. Please bless Doppelganger with a solid bunny and not one of those awful hollow off-brand fake chocolate ones. Amen.
Oh, and have your Big Bunny representative bring Master Sam a bunch of cool stuff too. Amen. Again.

landismom said...

My god, I've fallen in among heathens. Get back, Satan! Tempt me not with your vile chocolate bunnies!

Em said...

As an Anglican, I firmly believe that Jesus, were He with us this weekend, would thoroughly enjoy six Cadbury creme eggs in a row. Jesus loves Cadbury. That's all there is to it. I recently discovered the missing Gospel of Chocolate.
The Last Supper? All things chocolate.
Judas? Betrayed Jesus for 30 chocolate Hershey hugs/kisses. (Misleadingly wrapped in silver foil.)
When Jesus was on the cross? They gave him hot chocolate to drink--then took it away.

And I think they just put my name on the member list down in Hell.

Carrie said...

Thanks! I got a few more responses thanks to you, but the penis-ed really need to step up.

Dave said...

If we were making any money whatsoever from Armada(!), we'd cut you in for at least a third. Thanks so very much!