Tuesday, June 27, 2006

ETC: Day 2, The Cleansening

Mood: Moderately chipper
Hunger level: Satiated
Number of cleanse-related complaints: None
Reason for above: Beverage-induced cheating, in the form of one glass of wine (last night) and one mocha (this morning)
Outlook: Itchily optimistic


Carol Blymire said...

A friend and I decided to do the herbal cleanse a few years ago because we read the Lisa Marie Presley interview in Vanity Fair and were fascinated by what came out of her colon, so we used the same stuff. Let me just say that on Day Three, we realized we had spent more time in the loo than anywhere else in the homes or offices, and we promptly gave up our quest for a pink colon interior. Now whenever I see a photo of Lisa Marie Presley, I twitch. And you know where...

Violet Chrome said...

If your cleanse allows, eat avacados. They seem to nip extravagant cravings in the butt, which, as diner girl pointed out, will be your primary focus over the next week or so.