Monday, September 25, 2006

BOOKS: The Secret Shame of Young Master Sam

We've had a touch of bad luck lately at Casa Doppelganger, but does that keep us down? Ha! It does not!

Despite the fact that ceilings are waiting to collapse on our innocent sleeping heads and burglars are lurking in our shrubbery seeking any opportunity to steal our electric can-openers and express their creativity -- in poop form! -- on our stoop, Sam and I bravely soldiered out on Sunday to enjoy Vancouver's umpteenth annual Word on the Street festival. And we had a mighty fine time.

Though, come to think of it, Sam's highlights were the Knowledge Network booth, where they were pimping that adventurous little harlot
Dora the Explorer (or as Rusty prefers to call her, Dorer the Explorer) and the honest-to-god city bus that had been parked in Library Square for the kids to explore... neither of which is terribly literary, when you come to think about it.

But can you blame him? The poor guy can't even read!

Won't someone think of his shame?


Doppelsis said...

I love Sam's shirt. Thanks for the laugh first thing in the morning.

Anonymous said...

Sweet Fancy Moses. That boy is ADORABLE.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely HI-LARRY-OUS that you took him to Word on the Street in his "I Can't Read" shirt. Awesome.

Tammy said...

Heh. Thanks, guys! The shirt was a gift from friends, and within seconds of thinking about taking Sam to WotS, I realized he HAD to wear it. It necessitated a last-minute load of laundry, but it was worth it. It was hilarious seeing people's reaction to it. It even made up for the fact that I forgot to wear the special t-shirt -- a gift from my Bored Housewife buddies Anne-Marie and Kris -- I'd planned to wear, with the phrase "Reading is sexy" proudly emblazoned on the front. Oh well. Still, good times!

Heather B. said...

Awesome. Sam just looks so... sad in the second picture, like he KNOWS he's surrounded by words that he just... can't... read!