Thursday, September 14, 2006

WORDS: Step Aside, Koko

Sam signed "More!" Last night! Out of nowhere!

(Note: If you have no interest in either babies or non-verbal communications, the remainder of this post may hold no interest for you. But hey, it never hurts to keep an open mind!)

You have to understand that we gave up on baby sign language months ago... pretty much minutes after we ended the last class, because that's how we roll over here at Casa Underachievement. So this spontaneous outburst of genius has us floored. What else does he remember? I'm rewinding my mental tapes and I won't lie to you: I'm frightened.

Now, admittedly, he exhibited this newfound talent in relation to TV, but that still counts, right? He had been watching a Baby Einstein tape while we made dinner, and when it ended he came in the kitchen and signed "more," wanting us to start it again. When we asked him, "Do you want more TV, Sam?" he signed again and said "More" (though he said it like a New Englander, so it sounded more like "mowah").

We're trying to teach him to use "more" in non-televisual contexts, as in "I'd like more food, please," and "Mother, I'm planning to sleep in tomorrow so that you can get more sleep." I'll keep you posted.


Em said...

Good for Sam!
Babies have a good amount of linguistic recognition at four months, I hear--you don't know what he's been hearing or exactly how much he's retained.

White Trasherati said...

Not to detract from young Master Sam's monumental achievement, but do you think we could come up with a sign for "Hey, monkey bitch"? 'Cause it's really the funniest line I've read in ages. You, DG, are a genius. Like your mad skillz signing offspring.

Molly said...

There's hope! We stopped using signs after baby sign ended but maybe there is still time for us to start again.rt

Melissa said...

Ooh, Blogger is finally letting me post a comment!

We have been signing pretty consistently, but sometimes A surprises me by coming up with a sign I've barely ever used.

WT, here is the sign for monkey and here is how to say bitch. Voila!

Anne-Marie said...

Woo hoo Sam! I can't wait to see it!