Friday, January 19, 2007

BOOKS: Runaway Bride

On Jan. 21, CBC TV will air The Robber Bride, a television adaptation of Margaret Atwood's 1993 novel. The acerbic murder-mystery stars Mary-Louise Parker (Weeds) as an unscrupulous woman who betrays three female friends.



Anonymous said...

You know, Atwood won't go away unless we stop encouraging her.

AlienEm said...

I saw that article on the cbc website, and I love The Robber Bride, but after reading that article I'm a bit wary. She's taken out the women's backstories, which seems sort of crucial, and she's added a character: a male policeman (who supposedly will help to emphasize the 'murder mystery' aspect of the plot). In addition, I don't know if Mary Louise Parker can pull of Zenia, who is sort of a stereotypical drop-dead gorgeous hottie that nobody can resist, as well as being smart and stylish. MLP looks a bit too ... well ... homely to me. I'll still watch it, but I'm not optimistic.