Friday, February 09, 2007

ETC: From Jane's Pen to Your Computer

Well, this week -- which feels like it never quite got properly started -- has fizzled out vaingloriously. I believe Jane Austen said it best when she wrote the following:

That's courtesy of the Jane Austen font widget over at Dafont. And it's a testament to my lameness that I've forgotten where I got this link, so I can't even give a proper shout-out. (If it was you, tell me!)

Ah, well. Next week will be better. In fact, I think I can say, without hyperbole, that next week will be THE BEST WEEK OF OUR LIVES. So rest up. Take your vitamins. And for god's sake make sure you do your laundry so you have clean pants.


Doppelsis said...

You crack me up.

Lady M said...

I love this font thing - thanks for the link!