Friday, February 16, 2007

ETC: Let Me Tell You Where to Go

I'm slammed with work today, but just a couple of items of note:

First, today is the last day to get in your nominations for Best Book/Literary Blog at the Best of Blogs. (NOTE: I am not, I repeat NOT, gunning for a nomination myself. I'm one of the judges, and I'm counting on you guys to make sure the competition is, as our favourite reality show celebrity would say, fierce.) Hop to it!

Second, I'm also participating in a pretty cool event next week that presages Freedom to Read Week (the Canadian equivalent of Banned Books Week). The full details are here but, in short, let me just say that if you're free and in Vancouver on the evening of February 20th, this could be one of the awesomest gigs you could ever expect to attend on a Tuesday. Also, it's at the Shebeen, behind the Irish Heather, which, if you don't know it, is one of the sweetest spaces in the city. (P.S. There'll be booze!)

Third, there is no third. Have a great weekend, and remember: don't leave your homework till Sunday night.

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fahrenheit451moderator said...

Would you like to take the "Banned Book Challenge?" The Pelham Public Library is sending out the challenge for readers to set and reach a goal of reading x banned or challenged books between Feb. and June. Spread the word.