Friday, February 23, 2007

WORDS: Loss of Innocence

"So, people are actually upset at the word "scrotum" being used in a book?"
"It's a kids' book?"
"Is it a picture book?"
"No, it's aimed at 9-to-12 year olds."
"Man, those parents shouldn't let their kids watch E.T. then."
"One of the kids calls another one Penis Breath."
"This haunted me for weeks when I was a kid."
"How so?"
"Well, I knew what a penis was, obviously, but I couldn't figure out what could happen to make your breath smell like one. And whatever it was, could it happen to me?"


Anonymous said...

You know, I think almost everyone my age remembers that phrase from E.T. ... it really was pretty memorable. In the past few months, it's come up in conversation more than a few times, and every time, it's one of the few exact quotes people remember from it. The other's being, "E.T. phone home" and "Ouuuch..."

Doppelsis said...

I see you're still fixated on male genitalia.

notanillusion said...

What's absolutely awesome about that is my sister and I are having a quote war via email today, and that was the first quote I sent her. Brilliant!

Tammy said...

I see you're still fixated on male genitalia.

I see you're still fixated on reading about my fixation. :P

Anonymous said...

I read some reviews when they re-released ET a few years back, and I think they removed "penis breath", or at least made an edit where it wasn't present. I googled it, and some reviews commented that it WAS removed and some commented that it WASN'T contrary to rumour and so I don't know which is actually true but it hurts my feelings that they even may have possibly thought about it.