Saturday, February 24, 2007

ETC: Oh, Free Speech... Sometimes You Go Too Far

Maryland Del. LeRoy E. Myers Jr. to truckers: If you've got 'em, you don't need to flaunt 'em.

As the General Assembly debates global warming and the death penalty, Myers (R-Washington) has something else on his mind: the outsized plastic testicles that truckers dangle from the trailer hitches of their pickups.

To learn more about the ensuing free speech kerflap, or if you just want read a bunch of policymakers being quoted for their views on fake testicles, check out the full article here. Though, really, what more do you need to know?

Actually, you do need to know one more thing. When I searched the web for an image of said plastic testicles to accompany this post, I found, your one-stop source for all things testicular and vehicular. One of the featured items on their site is a pair of Support The Troops Desert Camo Campaign Nutz: "We've Respectfully placed the Yellow Ribbon designating Support the Troops on our Exclusive 8” Customized Desert Scheme Camo Nutz."

I can sense you out there, not believing me. That's why I've collected evidence:

And this is why reality will always be funnier than an Onion article.

[via BoingBoing]


John Paolozzi said...

It looks like a Barbapapa.

Anonymous said...

It does, actually. Barbapapa has always creeped me out and now I know why.

And what about the Grimace, eh? Think about it.

Unknown said...

I used to see these all the time in southern Maryland, and on the Eastern Shore. My favorite ones were blue - dude, if you have blue balls, why are you advertising the fact?

I'm surprised that nobody's started making them for bicycles, considering the competitive cycling culture.