Tuesday, April 24, 2007

BOOKS: Juxtaposed

"5,084,000,000 people, 5,360 pages, 3,700 years, 243 countries, 7 books, and 1 shelf. For the first time, the world's most influential religious texts are brought together and presented on the same level, their coexistence acknowledged and celebrated."
(From blankblank by way of Dwell)


tuckova said...

That's an awful lot of money for books you can't even get off the shelf, from the looks of it.

Jackie said...

If you look at the first of the alternate views under the main picture, the books actually do come out. Of course, that doesn't make the $2500 price tag any less ridiculous.

Steph said...

Yeah, but it is very moving, isn't it?

Or is that just me?

I think it is beautiful.

Unknown said...

Steph, I agree that it's moving. Jackie and tuckova, I agree that $2500 is ridiculous. I could make one for about $10 but then it wouldn't be famous. :)

Carol Blymire said...

Wow -- fiction never looked so good. :)

Jen of MadeByGirl said...

saw this , and i loved it!
but a bit on the pricey side....wow!