Wednesday, April 11, 2007

WEB: Why Does the Internet Hate Books?

I have no idea why, but I'm on the mailing list for the Webbys. Which, fine, I'm as competent at ignoring those emails as I am at ignoring all the others. But then I got an email announcing the nominees for 2007, and as a productive member of the internet once said, WTF? Of the many, many categories up for grabs, books don't even come up once? We see all the other media and "arts" represented – music, radio*, movies (or as some like to call them, "films"), television, fashion, newspapers, even friggin MAGAZINES – but no books?

Does the internet hate books? Does the internet need to be reminded that books are pretty much what catapulted the written word into public prominence and kept the written word afloat for a couple hundred centuries or so until the internet came along? Is the internet ashamed of this? Don't be ashamed, internet. These are your roots. Love your roots.

Or is it because, deep down, the internet knows that, when the end times come, books will still be around long after every server in the world has become an oversized doorstop? Admittedly, these doorstops will prove handy when barricading oneself against hordes of irradiated mutant zombies, but is this enough to placate you, internet? I think not. Your bitterness is, perhaps, understandable.

Or is the internet too busy nominating its favourite insurance and pharmaceuticals websites for awards to care any more?

Oh, internet. Books love you. Why don't you love books?

*Speaking of which, Rusty's site is nominated in this category. So to prove to him that I have no sour grapes -- despite having EVERY GOOD REASON TO -- I'd like to gently suggest that you check it out, then perhaps toddle over and vote for it in the Radio category.

Me? I'm off to book a space on this cruise. Do you think it's toddler-friendly?


... said...

dearheart - you've an "x" in your motleycruise link.

Tammy said...

Doh! I'm an idiot.

But seriously, should I go???

Anonymous said...

Funny now that you think of it. But then the book world doesn't have much to say about blogs. So maybe it works both ways.

The internet works in favor of propogating books too. This site is proof of it.