Wednesday, May 09, 2007

ETC: NOW Am I One of the Cool Kids?

Despite everyone's warnings, I got me one of them there newfangled "Facebook" accounts. Back when I was a young whippersnapper, we called it "Friendster" and it crashed more. That's progress for you.

At the very least, I can finally stay in touch with all my nieces and nephews.


Andrew said...

They say facebook is a great way to connect with people. Maybe I will set up an account as well. All the kids are doing it.


Bybee said...

I think I've been lied to! Someone told me that Facebook was only for college students, and MySpace was for the rest of the population!

Anonymous said...

My brain knows that I have a facebook account, but nobody remembered to tell my fingers. Frequently, I find myself trying to log into my ancient friendster account (and remembering that antiquated friendster password) only to be completely confused by the new layout at facebook.

Welcome to the fold.

Frédérique said...

You ARE one of the Cool Kids - 'cause then so am I, with just-as-brand-new account.

It was the influence of a couchsurfing(.com - now there's another cult for you!) friend that did it for me... I have no will power, and he's got cool pictures on there.

Although I'm not sure I get the 'how-to' of the writing on the wall, answering & such... ooooh technology...