Friday, June 15, 2007

ETC: Oodgay Ommunicationcay

"So you're going to take Sam to the park and come back in about half an hour, when dinner's ready?"
"Thatsay the planway."


"Uh, atsay the planskay?"



"You have no idea how pig latin works, do you."


Karen said...

I considered firing our wonderful babysitter because she didn't know Pig Latin. I thought it might mean she's really an alien. That seemed like the sort of thing the alien training centers would forget to teach their operatives on earth.

Meanwhile, we can no longer use Pig Latin to talk about things in front of the kids, because now they know it too! Sigh.

Doppelsis said...

Jackson wants to know when he is getting his anketbay ackbay?

Andi said...

I don't remember how Pig Latin works either. Could someone refresh me???

Anonymous said...

What's your take on this?