Friday, July 13, 2007

The Dog Ate My Post

Holy shit. I just realized how far behind I am on updating my 50 books tally. Fourteen books. (Which, incidentally, brings me up to thirty for the year. Go, me!) But shit. I don't know what I've been doing with my time. Oh, yeah... wasting it on the internet looking at bookshelves I either don't like or can't afford.

Clearly I have some work to do this weekend.
In the meantime (don't you love it when I say that?), let's get all shelve-y for a bit.

I want to like this Branch shelf (right), but there's just something plasticky and artificial about it that, ironically, belies the fact that it's "inspired by nature's imagery and structures". The Legend (below) attempts to hit the same nature-y chord, and does a fair bit better, but it's still kind of on the precious side. Maybe in the right setting...

This Fachermann shelf kills me every time I look at it. He's ugly as hell, but I still find myself wanting to hug him and squeeze him and call him Jeeves. It occurred to me that you could organize your books based on his anatomy: your philosophy texts and more cerebral fiction in his head, your DIY books in his arms, your adventure stories and collections of outdoorsy essays in his legs, and of course your porn... well, I don't have to say it. And if the Fachermann has tested your credulousness to the limit, don't look at this next one.

Hi. This is the See Saw bookcase. Now scrape your brains off the nearby walls and try to scoop them gently back into your head. It'll only hurt for a few more minutes, I promise.

In the "I really want to like them but just don't for some reason" category are these Show Off shelves:

And because I can't write one of these posts without mentioning at least one set of shelves that almost makes me want to cry with jealousy, let me show you this bad boy from Italian design house Molteni:


And for the rest of us, here's this nifty IKEA hack, which shows how you can use the Borghamn height extender to create cheap, attractive, hard-to-find shallow shelving for your paperbacks:

Have a great weekend, all. I sure plan to.


Bybee said...

I need to buy a bookshelf. Another, I mean. I love the Fachermann.

GingerCat said...

The IKEA one is my favorite, because it can actually, you know, hold books! The other shelves sometimes look nice, but IMO they're more for people who see books as decorative items only.

Anonymous said...

While the See Saw shelf is darned close to being completely and utterly useless.... I cannot help but imagine the fun my 3 month old kitten would have playing on it. Hee.