Monday, September 24, 2007

Adventures in Three Dimensions

For someone who's currently unemployed "between contracts", I sure am lackadaisical on the blogging front. And today is no exception. I could have been writing over the weekend, but here's what I did instead:
  1. Napped
  2. Watched season one of The X Files
  3. Updated my Facebook profile
  4. Went to the mall
  5. Napped
Who do I think I am, some university student? Shameless! But your trip here was not for naught. Via Dooce, I bring you the three-dimensional stylings of artist Brian Dettmer:

Dettmer's sculptures makes me want to get rid of almost everything in my house and install nothing but pedestals and spotlights for displaying his work. Go here for many more images. Stunning.


Kaza Kingsley said...

What a great blog site! I just found this today. I agree, these are totally cool. In my dream house of the future, these will fill the house under the retractable ceilings ....
Kaza Kingsley
Author of the Erec Rex series

Roberta said...

Those are amazing. Do you think the designer will have to surgically remove the exacto knife from his hand after all that work?