Thursday, September 06, 2007

Memo to Inventors: There's Nothing Left

So your books are crammed tightly on your shelves... so tightly, in fact, that your delicate, petal-like fingertips pinken ever so slightly at the effort of extracting a tome.

To get past this vexing problem, you could:

a) suck it up
b) get rid of a few books
c) get one of these little doohickeys*
*Except that you can't get them, unless you happen to live in Japan. Alas.


Anonymous said...

Except that it looks like it could pull through the spine. I'd be nervous using that, I think.


Anonymous said...

That looks like the result of someone who accidentally left the pin to a grenade lying on his coffee table. When some girl he'd invited over asked him about it, he told her it was for pulling individual books out of his tightly squashed tomes, thereby avoiding having to explain the boxes of C4 in his basement and simultaneously reinforcing the learned image he'd been trying so hard to project.

Of course, the evening ended horribly when she sat on the bear trap he kept in the toilet.

Bybee said...

If they're available in Japan, maybe they're available in Korea. The search is on!

Jeane said...

Whoever uses that doesn't love their books. Surely it would damage the spine? And what do you do for paperbacks? You find the oddest book items!

Anonymous said...

You'll like this chair!

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking the other day that something like this would be a good idea* but in practice it looks like it would hurt the books. Which are more important than my manicure, obviously. How disappointing.

(*Right after I broke a nail trying to get a book off the shelf. I tend to keep the shelves tightly packed because it's the only way to keep the kitten from chewing on them. I miss my old cats who'd learned to respect books, if only because they realized it made it very likely that there would be a stationary lap available for an hour or two- Pea actually used to start purring and circling my feet when I headed for the bookcase; I think that's the cat equivalent of calling first dibs.)