Tuesday, September 11, 2007

But How Does It Handle on the Highway?

I don't know about you guys, but sometimes I feel ambivalent about whatever I'm doing in the moment. When I'm roaming, I feel like I should be reading. When I'm reading, I feel like I should be roaming. It's hard being me.

Clearly, I'm not alone, and FINALLY some benevolent, entrepreneurial soul has developed a
solution to this no-doubt widespread conundrum:

[Ups to Stephie, Juliane and Kay for the link! Also, Rusty just told me that Glark had IMed him this link to forward to me, and Rusty forgot till now. So ups to you, too, Glark! Though the fact that you thought Rusty would actually remember to do this is a sign that we need to hang out soon, because you're clearly forgetting that this "remembering" business is not how Rusty rolls.]


Ted said...

That is a fabulous contraption! Roaming when I should be reading, reading when I should be roaming - that's me.

Carol Elaine said...

Cool. I like very much.

BTW, don't know if you've seen this.

Jeane said...

That chair is great!! How many books fit in it?

Frédérique said...

Perhaps you could read this while roaming? Bring it full circle? (I saw it in the university bookstore this morning, thought for a moment I could leave with it before reality and the $40 pricetag caught up with me, then thought you'd appreciate - I don't think you'll find it in Canada, but still...)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the what the hell WAS I thinking? I will try harder in the future to cut Rusty out of our dealings.