Friday, August 05, 2005

ETC: Blogs That Don't Exist That I'd Like To See

Canned Clams

Toilet Burp
White Trasherati
Atomic Bong
Parade of Flatulence
10,000 Stan March
Avon Calling
Blogger? I don't even know her.
Rants in My Pants*
The Paul Martin Experience
Albinos Have Stories, Too

*ETA: Daaaaang. Evidently, this one already exists.


Anonymous said...

Dibs on "White Trasherati". And thanks for providing the perfect name for the blog I want to start to chronicle our move from an urban area to the outskirts of the "micropolis" of Mt Airy, NC - which puts us in proximity to my white trash gene pool. You? Brilliant.

Doppelganger said...

Yeeeeeehaw! Well then, y'all best come back now and give me that URL, y'hear?

Doppelganger said...

Heh. Er, anyway, yeah... I've always thought there needed to be a term for people like me, who come from rurally challenged backgrounds, get themselves some higher edumacation, absorb some culture, but still resist being absorbed into the mainstream middle class.

We've got books in the house and old sofas on the porch. We're not quite white trash, but not quite literati... we're white trasherati!

Carrie Ann said...

There is a "Rants in My Pants" blog:

When I read that one, I knew I'd seen it somewhere, so I tracked it down. Haven't read it, so I can't vouch for the contents.

Rebecca said...

I can't believe Avon Calling hasn't already been used!

And can I have dibs on The Paul Martin Experience? I could use it to write about my fictional adventures as a lobbist on Parliament Hill :)

Doppelganger said...

The Paul Martin Experience is all yours. Just make sure to let me know when it's up!

Anonymous said...

"Blogger? I don't even know her!" would be a great title for a blog chronicling a series of various blind dates.

I'd totally take it if I had the guts to meet women.

Anna said...

I reeeeeally want to call my thing "Blogger? I barely know her!"
Lend it to me?

And by lend, I mean... give?

Doppelganger said...

Heheh. By all means, Anna. She's all yours, but you've got to let me know when your site is up so I can visit.

Anna said...

It's kind of cheating, but I've called my livejournal it for now, so you can look at that if you so desire. Heh. I'm working on a reeeal one so, I'll let you know when that happens.

Heehee! It brings me joy!

Doppelganger said...

Sweeeeeet! But last I checked, weren't we well into August? You've got some updating to do, missy.

Figment said...

I totally want Hellalujah! Maybe if I ever get around to making a Real Blog...

Doppelganger said...

Hee! I like Hellalujah! a lot. It has a certain understated, yet gleeful, simplicity to it.