Friday, January 20, 2006

ETC: Get the Gimp!

Ack! No long post today. I pulled a neck muscle while lifting young Master Sam last week, and it doesn't seem to be healing. It hurts like a friggin' mofo, and it's exacerbated by two things: carrying Sam and hacking around on this here computator. And since I can't forego carrying Sam, you see where I have to make my sacrifice.

Hopefully, a three-day weekend will heal me up good. See you on Monday!

In the meantime, a little something to ponder:

The fantastic thing about this site isn't that it lists all these great paperback cover artists and provides all kinds of interesting background information about each one, such as this snippet about James Avati, the "greatest cover artist of them all":
He was a Fifth Avenue department store window display designer, a soldier in World War II, and an illustrator for magazines such as Collier's and The Ladies' Home Journal before breaking into paperback illustration in 1948.
No, the fantastic thing about this site is that it's all about cover art, and yet it manages not to show any of it.

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landismom said...

Ouch! Hope you feel better soon.