Thursday, January 19, 2006

WEB: Behold Momonga, the Dwarf Japanese Flying Squirrel!

Oh sweet jesus, I've just found my new favourite site, and quite possibly my favourite site of the decade.

I love animals. I love snarky writing. De facto, I love Just a Little Guy. It's like Go Fug Yourself meets National Geographic meets I don't care because it's so fucking cute and funny.

To wit:
This is like the birds and the bees scene in cartoons. Little hearts floating up over their heads and popping. Plink. Plonk. And they rock back and forth to some song from the fifties. "Moon River" or something like that.
The one on the right looks like he's about to fall off. He's just barely got a grip with his toes and his ass is hanging waaaaay off the back of that stick. Whoops, falls backwards grabs his friend and they both plummet to their bloody death right? Wrong, douche! These are Momonga, the dwarf Japanese Flying Squirrel. They can fucking fly.
Why are you still here? Go!

[Link via CBC Radio 3]

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JoanneMarie Faust said...

have you been to They have the most adorable pics. Some days a girl just needs to see a cute little snuggly baby animal to put the world back in perspective.