Tuesday, May 30, 2006

ETC: Don't Hate Me Because I Have the Most Awesome Shoes in the Universe

"What are you doing?"
"Taking pictures of my new shoes."
"Er. Why?"
"To post on my blog."
"Your book blog?"
"Of course."
"Aaaaand... why?"
"Heather did."
"So did Karen."
"And Maggie just did it, too."
"Look, all the other girls are posting pictures of their new shoes and I WANT TO, TOO."


Doppelganger said...

Come on, now. I'm not the only person who thinks these are hot, right?


Soma said...

Isn't it bad shoe-tiquette to post such pretty things without a link to where we can buy similar footwarmers of our very own??

Jealous me.

Doppelganger said...

I wanted to post a link, but I can't find the women's make of this shoe online ANYWHERE. You can see the guy's version here (in a nice brown leather that, while fine for guys, just doesn't compare to spiffy white leather, in my humble opinion).

They're made by Fly London, a company I'd never heard of before. Though when people ask what kind of shoes they are and I tell them, they always say, "Oh, Fly London... I love their shoes!"

I am dangerously out of touch. Not that it matters, because I never need to buy shoes again!

Doppelganger said...

Whoops. Here is the link.

Melissa said...

Love them!

I'm guessing you have small feet, because otherwise a pair of white shoes wouldn't look so cute. In my size (10), forget it!

Soma said...

Fly London's awesome Mary Jane wedge pumps are freakin' lovely, too.

Le sigh.

Michelle said...

I've never heard of Fly London either...which disturbes me, since, secretly, I think my true calling in life is to be a shoe whore. Oh well- I guess I'll just have to go shoe shopping- er, I mean, "go do some research".

Meepers said...

Those are indeed, very cute. And the picture was the Last Straw that broke my back and forced me to put a Shoe Blog Entry over at my place. Fly London, Zappos, shoe stores, you name it. I should re-name my blog "Shoe Ho" or "Will Blog for Shoes" or something clever and shoe-ish.

Doppelganger said...

Ha! Maybe I've started a shoe meme. Quick... everybody post shoe pictures on their blogs and report back here!

Paul said...

Shoes are our poochies best friends !!! :)

Jagosaurus said...

As the Sweet Potato Queens would say, "Heeeeeey! Cute Shoes!!!"

I'll post some shoe pictures too. I have three pairs of the same style Dansko sandal that everyone should own, frankly. Best. Shoes. Ever.

Meepers said...

Did you see my shoe post? You've started a meme. All hail Doppelganger!