Monday, August 21, 2006

BOOKS: And the Winners Are...

Thanks so much to everyone who sent a book (or books!) to the Harrison County library system, via the Dewey Donation System, to help out the libraries affected by Hurricane Katrina. When you think about how a single library book can pass through hundreds of hands -- helping people, teaching people, or just plain entertaining people -- it's astounding to think of what just one gift can do. So again I thank you.

Coincidentally, I just received a lovely note from Charline Longino, Head Librarian at the Biloxi Public Library, thanking me for my own donation. I was touched to realize that Ms. Longino is taking the time out of her schedule -- which is, no doubt, much busier than my own -- to write personal letters to book donors.

So without any further ado (unless you want more ado, because believe me, I can provide it), here are the nine* winners of the 50 Books Dewey Donation Draw:
Sweetie Darling
Random Ranter
If each of could email me your mailing address at 50books [at] gmail [dot] com, I'll pop your mystery book prizes in the mail forthwith. And thanks again. You guys rock!

*I KNOW that more than nine of you donated books (I read all the comments in the Dewey blog), so I can only hazard that your fear and trepidation of the mystery books is what made you cautious about entering the draw. Your fears may prove well founded. Bwahahahaha!


Sweetie Darling said...

Yippee! This almost makes up for not winning the $207mil powerball. Thanks! Email on the way...

Anonymous said...


Thanks to you and the 50 Books readers for your Dewey support. If you donated to the drive, look for the Glarkware prize winners and Pamie's book winners soon.