Saturday, November 25, 2006

BOOKS: Four out of Five Dentists Agree...

...eye candy is better for your teeth than regular candy.

Since we here at 50 Books HQ are about nothing if not oral hygiene (we're also about nothing if not snickering at the use of the word "oral" in any context), here are a couple of gorgeous books-as-eye-candy sites for your perusal, both courtesy of one of my favourite people in all the land,
The Fabulous Suzi.

UK artist
Su Blackwell uses books -- from Alice in Wonderland to The Quiet American -- to create gorgeous three-dimensional cut-out sculptures.

Blackwell says:
These works can be seen as metaphors for language. Like language, that is ephemeral and powerful. While I'm dealing with dark subject matter, such as loss, loneliness and fragility, I am dealing with it in a light manner.
And I don't know about you, but I never get tired of looking at pictures of libraries. It's a good thing other people never get tired of taking them.

Gracious me, the vertigo!

Happy Thanksgiving weekend, Yankee comrades. I'm thankful that, in these crazy, mixed-up times in which we live, books can still surprise and delight us like a compliment from a stranger.


bibliophile81 said...

Oh! Pictures like these make me feel like I work in a rather plain and dull little library, and more than that, they make me miss the beautiful building I began in when I was first hired by my library system. That building is no longer a library at all (although it has been put to good use since we moved out).

CQ said...

Say, you're really pretty.

Tammy said...

bibliophile, I think there's something inherently beautiful in books any time they're assembled en masse. I remember the library in the tiny town I grew up near. It was made of cinderblock and had only one window, but inside I thought it was the most fantastic place in my world. But I do feel for you. It's so much easier to feel inspired about one's work in beautiful surroundings. (For instance, my office used to be in a cool open-concept space with tomato-red walls and floor-to-ceiling windows and lovely low-level ambient lighting. They're renovating right now, so my desk is now in a grey concrete flourescent-lit hallway. It's not the same.)

Awww... thanks, CQ. My mom thinks I'm cute! (And for what it's worth, you managed to both surprise and delight me. Heh.)