Friday, November 24, 2006

BOOKS: Tears in Hobbiton

It's been a tough week, culturally speaking. O.J. isn't going to come out with his book. Michael Richards may tone down his, er, comic stylings in the future. But I think we're all losing sight of the real creative loss we're in the midst of:

Peter Jackson will not be producing the film version of The Hobbit.

I actually am a bit sad about this. I'd already planned that The Hobbit was going to become our family's favourite movie, one that we'd watch over and over and over until we could recite all the dialogue and subsequently alienate all the normal families we know.

Back to Plan B: Joe Dirt.


Anonymous said...

They'll hire the guy who has done the Charlie's Angels movies won't they? And the new movie version of The Hobbit will be as bad as or worse than the animated version that came out several years ago.

Boneheaded studio.

Anonymous said...

Truly Frightening:

Several years ago, Mark Ordesky told us that New Line have rights to make not just The Hobbit but a second "LOTR prequel", covering the events leading up to those depicted in LOTR. Since then, we've always assumed that we would be asked to make The Hobbit and possibly this second film, back to back

PREQUEL? PREQUEL! Are they talking about making a movie of the Silmarillion? If New Line thinks it can step outside of 'the canon' without offending nerds, their bread and butter demographic, they are sorely mistaken...

Tammy said...

Or else they'll hire George Lucas, or some George Lucas wannabe, and the film will look something like this. Yikes!

Anonymous said...

Thought you'd be happy to see this:,,2004580002-2006550342,00.html

Jackson's back on!