Friday, December 22, 2006

BOOKS: Ho-Ho-Holy Crap

Should horror-meister Dean Koontz even be ALLOWED to write kid's books? And if so, how is it that a Dean Koontz Christmas story for children -- ominously titled Santa's Twin -- could become so popular that it spawns a sequel?

Somebody hold me.


Anonymous said...

Dean Koontz should not be allowed to write horror novels for adults, much less books for children. I have not read this so-called book, but I am sure Santa's twin is a monstrous creature; the result of some scientific experiment gone wrong!


Quillhill said...

Isn't the beauty of scientific experiments that they can't go wrong, because they are experiments? Anyway, now I know why Santa made me cry: I was actually sitting on the lap of Santa's Twin!
Thank you for sharing your gifts with us all year round, Tammy. Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

That is just wrong. Plain wrong.