Wednesday, December 20, 2006

BOOKS: The Secret Language of Sleep

I've been a fan of Evany's funny, crafty, gifty, pop culture-y blog for some time, so when I heard that McSweeney's had published a book she'd written, I rushed to find out more.

The book turns out to be an easy-to-read little reference tome called The Secret Language of Sleep: A Couple's Guide to the Thirty-Nine Positions. It's a sort of Kama Sutra of sleeping positions, and given that everyone I know seems to complain more about the dearth of slumber in their lives than the dearth of you-know-what, it's an appropriate book for our times.

The positions vary from Melting Spoons ("Classic Spooning for codependents") to Starfish and Conch ("the preferred position for couples who fight well together"), but if you're wondering which position is recommended for you and your special someone, there's an online quiz (of course).

I'm sure you're dying to know Rusty's and my results, so here you go.

I am a pinching koala and tree!

Pinching Koala and Tree couples experience a kind of super symbiosis that other sorts of couples (especially vegan couples) only dream of. The harmony that comes from this kind of pairing would be revolting if it weren’t so inspirational, which is why Pinching Koalas and Trees are often surrounded by friends and would-be friends, and their schedules are often booked months in advance.
Try not to be too jealous. And we're already booked up till June, but we're taking reservations in August, after we take a month off to recover.


John Paolozzi said...

How bizarre. The name of my band was going to be Pinching Koalas.

Anonymous said...

Apparently you like the smell of fresh spray paint too? Fun quiz!

Dave said...

I was just suprised to learn that you're actually eight feet tall.

Tammy said...

I know! I look a lot shorter on the internet.

Anonymous said...

Did you know that The Area of My Expertise by John Hodgman is available for free audio download??

Anonymous said...

Your blog almost got me fired.

Or rather, I almost got myself fired via your blog.

I was secretly reading 50Books and was trying to print something else when I apparently printed off all of 50Books. Luckily the communal printer was out of toner so I just pulled them away pretty quick. But I did shred 31 pages (31! pages!) of your blog just in case.

Anonymous said...

I just did the quiz and it picked my favorite sleep position right on the nose - did it do that for everyone?

Claudia said...

Jenn, not even close. I found several of the questions mystifying (equipment for what?) and assumed it was supposed to be a joke. Maybe I'm just grossly out of my dialect element?